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Deep State

Deep State was formed in 2014 in Athens, GA.
They ask for help from those who came before them and the ones who will come afterward. The transmissions are self-conscious nonsense (globules, lumps, etc.) funneled through the only sonic structures they can afford. Flipping hot dogs became guitar wails. A pint became a chorus. They make zippy, electric songs.
The group is made of Taylor Chmura, Smokey DeRoeck, Michael Gonzalez, and Brandon Page. They have just made The Path to Fast Oblivion; a new LP due out in Fall.
If you were to ride a train from LA to Capistrano, the train would eventually accelerate to top speed. You would see back alleys belonging to nameless warehouses. Deep State is the orange-vested man who looks up from lunch and waves to you.

Thought Garden is currently available on vinyl, CD and digital.

“Frenetic and anthemic, the energy immediate in everything from Chmura’s airy yelp to guitars that burst like sparks from a railtrack … full of existential introspection over how far we’ve let our identities erode.”

“Deep State marries infectious pop hooks and Lennon-esque vocal melodies with ’60s pop edges just rough enough to hold onto that rock ’n’ roll cred, but song structures totally tight enough to keep it pro and engaging.”
—Santa Fe Reporter

“Whether you want to call it punk rock, rock and roll or “American music,” Deep State is well worth searching out — you just may want to start somewhere other than Twitter.”
—NPR, via Capital Public Radio

Thought Garden