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Los Angeles, CA

Dave Woody, Andrew Platts, Bowman

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All hands in the air for the big comeback. Until you realize that all roads are circular, which means we’re just getting started.

Wilding, that thing frontman Dave Woody lives and breathes in low-overhead Los Angeles, has roots meandering back to the early aughts—back when fence-sitters called the shots, the amazing slipped through the cracks, and you scratched your head at the latest top ten. That time is thankfully gone.

It’s time for Wilding. The songs, the symphonic noisey bliss, makes perfect sense. Like stepping out of the light and into the dark because you need to. Because it’s about discovery, not following. Music can be a lonely place, and it can be hard to find a place where you fit.

Wilding is a creation of stand-alone among the California scene-shifters. “Wilding has always felt like a different kind of energy to me. There is a darkness there, but it gets delivered in this burst of light and energy. We’re pretty much guaranteed to wind up disappointed, but we can never give up that search for something better inside ourselves. Destroy complacency. These songs shine a light on the dark.” All things circular.

Wilding is comprised of Dave Woody on vocals and guitar, with Andrew Platts on drums and Bowman on bass. The music is at once harmonic, melodic and even dark at times. A visual sunset and a mental sunrise that is dominated by chiming guitars and a heavy back beat. Dave’s voice soars above the cacophony in a register all its own.

Woody garnered a long list of accolades over the span of 3 LPs as the former frontman of Fiver, including touring with Death Cab for Cutie, playing alongside the Silversun Pickups, opening for Frank Black in London, and recording with Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle. And now Woody’s path has led him back here, this time a little less burdened. “We don’t matter. Which can be liberating,” Woody remind us. “That mindset makes it easier to create … That’s a kind of freedom.”

Secular Music, Wilding’s debut five-song EP, opens as many doors as they close. Solid song craft does that.

Capture the impossible sound on April 28, 2017.


Secular MusicApril 28, 2017

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