Friendship Fever

March 24, 2017

Imaginary Tricks’ “Skommel” available TODAY!

ImaginaryTricks - Skommel (Vinyl)

This fourth Friday of March 2017 marks the official release date for Imaginary Tricks’ “Skommel.” The first-ever Friendship Fever full-length release is near and dear to our hearts. And apparently these guys are digging it too:

“Anthemic, skewed pop songs”
—The Fader

“Get utterly lost in its sun-dappled beauty.”
—For The Rabbits

“‘Bird’ is a head-nodding, slow-building rock song that feels soft and pretty despite Visser’s impassioned vocal and the steady rhythmic pounding that carries it along. There’s also a rad guitar solo.”

“The lead single from his debut album is ‘Bird,’ which is, well, just fantastic. The song is classic indie fusion in the Brendan Canning / Broken Social Scene mould.”
—Revue Magazine

You can purchase this record on vinyl, CD or digital, or you can give it a spin on Spotify.

And you can check out the music video for Imaginary Tricks’ “Lights Out” below: