Friendship Fever

June 2, 2017

Roselit Bone’s Blister Steel is available today!

Roselit Bone - Blister Steel from Friendship Fever

The thrill of the creative process is hard to explain. Just trying to explain one person’s output is difficult enough, let alone the power of 9 creative spirits coming together to create a fury that is both memorable and moving.

This is what makes our heroes Roselit Bone so special. It’s nearly impossible to put into words what they possess as a band, aside for us to say that their new release, Blister Steel is OUT TODAY and is worthy of your curiosity and time in this ridiculously, unnecessarily hurried world.

Check out some of the early press:

“’Blister Steel’ is a runaway success … an unnerving set of booze-soaked, blood-curdling hellfire hymns that sound like very few other bands anywhere”
—The Portland Mercury

“Like Marty Robbins meets The Cramps, or a Goblin sountrack to a spaghetti western, ranchero fantasy meets greased up country in a magical reality.”
—American Standard Time

You can purchase this record on vinyl, CD or digital, and you can listen now on Spotify.

Most importantly, you do NOT want to miss an always-epic Roselit Bone live performance — they’ll be touring the US June and July. Follow them on Bandsintown to see when they’ll be near you.