Friendship Fever

January 25, 2017

Supporting organizations doing good work is more important than ever.


“Phone calls from my brother at odd times always signal trouble in my life. This particular call was late, it started with a request to sit down, and he nervously delivered the news that our mother had breast cancer. Shocked beyond tears, I listened. Days of numb introspection followed. Early detection — something that her mother, who succumbed to the same disease, never had the benefit of — made the prognosis promising, and she beat the odds. My mother is in remission. Research and decently delivered healthcare prevailed. You don’t have to go ape shit — simply get behind an organization, and support it.” —Mike Cloward of Friendship Fever

It’s more critical than ever to step up and support organizations that are doing good work. Organizations that are cutting through the noise and doing what needs to be done.

#Cancerland is one organization we’re proud to stand with. Founder Champagne Joy reminds us that “the least interesting thing about me is that I have cancer” and dedicates a mammoth amount of energy to generating breast cancer awareness and supporting the many, many under-reported and under-insured women who are faced with this diagnosis on an all too-often basis.

Friendship Fever has recently contributed to this badass organization, and we hope you too will support the great work #Cancerland continues to do. More info below.