Friendship Fever
Floating Action - Is it Exquisite? - Available from Friendship Fever with NEW bonus tracks
Neighbor Lady - Maybe Later (Preorder NOW)
Grandaddy - Under the Western Freeway - 20th Anniversary Edition
Sama Dams - Say It - PREORDER NOW
Tino Drima - Her Kind of Man - OUT NOW
Loud Sun: Sea Grave. Available now digitally and on cassette!

Friendship Fever is a record label currently engaged in projects with Tess & Dave, minihorse, Imaginary Tricks, Deep State, Roselit Bone, Wilding, Loud Sun, Dustin Lovelis, Tino Drima, Grandaddy, Neighbor Lady, Sama Dams, Honyock, Floating Action and a few more on the distant horizon. We’re hawking our wares on our store.

Deep State - The Path To Fast Oblivion (Friendship Fever)


Deep StateThe Path to Fast Oblivion

February 01, 2019

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Floating Action - "Is It Exquisite?"


Floating ActionIs It Exquisite?

December 07, 2018

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HonyockEl Castillo

July 20, 2018

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Neighbor Lady - Maybe Later (Friendship Fever)


Neighbor LadyMaybe Later

May 11, 2018

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Grandaddy - Under the Western Freeway - 20th Anniversary Reissue


GrandaddyUnder the Western Freeway – 20th Anniversary Reissue

October 20, 2017

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