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Tino Drima

San Francisco, CA

Gregory DiMartino, Rob Mills, Mackenzie Bunch, Ryann Gonsalvez, Scott Huerta

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While many claim that San Francisco’s music scene has gone the way of Harambe, Tino Drima prove otherwise.

Originally formed as a duo between frontman Gregory DiMartino and drummer Rob Mills in 2014, Tino Drima has since solidified into a six-piece — a patchwork of longtime friends that includes members of local mainstays French Cassettes and Spooky Mansion — to help bring their raucous, punk-inflected take on big band doo-wop to life. “It was all pretty close and in the family,” DiMartino says of the group’s gradual expansion.

On their debut LP Her Kind of Man, Tino Drima has upped the ante since last year’s Smoking EP, finding a more nuanced sound that doesn’t sacrifice any of their grit or fervent energy. Recorded in a cabin in the Sierra Mountains and later mixed by Dave Vandervelde (Tess & Dave, Father John Misty), Her Kind of Man seamlessly intertwines elaborate string arrangements with frontman Gregory DiMartino’s writhing howl. “It’s like I’m the guy who’s out there in a suit, smiling, but who’s actually manic inside, battling demons,” DiMartino explains.

“Brutal Earthquake,” for instance, begins with DiMartino playing the consummate crooner, before the band revs into high gear and he replaces his shit-eating grin with a bitter scowl. Later, “Drives Me Crazy” explores the surprising intersection of Frank Sinatra’s big band charm and Spoon’s slinky swagger. Constantly shifting between the grandeur of the ballroom and the grime of a back alley, doo-wop’s charm and punk’s bitter angst, Tino Drima make it clear that when it comes to heartbreak, things are never quite as they seem.

Her Kind of Man is out September 22, 2017 on Friendship Fever. Look out for the band around California later in the summer.

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Tino Drima

Her Kind of ManSeptember 22, 2017

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