Friendship Fever

August 25, 2017

Dustin Lovelis’ Been Hit Before is available today!

Dustin Lovelis - Been Hit Before (Cassette)

Been Hit Before, the long-awaited LP from Dustin Lovelis, is OUT TODAY. Check out some of the early press:

“Lovelis has a gift for making melodies sound effortlessly spontaneous, and songs like ‘My Replacement’ or ‘Poor You’ flow like Bandwagonesque meets The Beatles, while single ‘Tompkinsville’ surrounds Byrds-ian guitar tangle with just a hint (or a halo) of shoegazey noise.”
—LA Weekly

“More than just mining the sonic oeuvre, Lovelis has authored an album that addresses struggles both personal and societal. Floating beneath the jangling, twinkling bliss of ‘Tompkinsville’ is a meditation on Eric Garner.”
—Buzz Bands LA

You can purchase this record on CD or digital, and you can listen now on Spotify. And our friends at Porch Party Records have this record available on vinyl over here.